Due to the increase of online business activities, markets and competition has become global. Geographical borders no longer define market areas and many companies will face international competition in their home country.


At Geowise we see internationalization as a possibility for new companies to grow rapidly by aiming at global markets. Companies that are already well established can boost their growth in international markets.

Internationalization also involves a lot of risks if the preliminary work is insufficient. Some of the reasons for failure include shortcomings in research of customer potential and customer needs, wrong partner selections, lack of competitiveness of product or service, or if the budget is insufficient.

Geowise provides services which are at the core of the internationalizing process of the company’s products and services. Understanding the target market in which to achieve profitability in business quickly is important, i.e.: who the customer is, what needs the company satisfies, how supply chains are formed, who the competitors are and what trends are present in the market. By developing an internationalization strategy, important resources can be allocated appropriately.

In internationalization process Geowise assists companies to concentrate on their core business activities by offering the following services:

  • Market research and analysis
  • Development of international pricing, logistics and services
  • Selection of market areas and managing export operations
  • Establishing contacts with possible partners
  • Sales and marketing personnel training
  • Export counseling

Geowise’s expertise with internationationalization projects is based on long-term experience with companies in fields ranging from security and defense to geographic information systems. We will gladly give you detailed information of our references in demanding internationalization projects on request.

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