Finland is one of the leading countries in knowledge and exploitation of new technologies. Courses in our universities and research institutions offer unique opportunities for new business ideas, innovation and opportunities. Geowise assists companies to commercialize research results by finding the most promising route to launch an idea and to reach their target market.


Commercialization of new technologies is often seen as a project which is characterized by goal-orientation, brevity and uniqueness. A project’s quality is important to Geowise: we provide efficient management and allocation of resources, cost-effectiveness and achieve the project’s objectives within the timeframe, all of which are key features of a good project.

Project management requires a wide range of skills and expertise that cannot always be found within the company that created the viable idea. The solution is to hire an external project coordinator to manage the project in a timely and cost-effective manner, while maintaining high quality throughout the project. Geowise has extensive experience in coordinating these projects, allowing the project team of the company to focus on the essentials.

Geowise offers high-quality, goal-oriented project coordination services, such as:

  • Prepare the project plan and choose the right subject for the project
  • Search and select the business partners and international partners
  • Run workshops and seminars
  • Make the project communication materials and dissemination of results
  • Provide comprehensive project reports
  • Commercialize the research results

Our consultants offer high quality services in the commercialization of new products and services, as well as the coordination of different projects. Contact us today to learn more.

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