The importance of environmental monitoring continues to grow. Many responsible ogranisations pay attention to ecological and environmental issues as more and more companies are demanded by authorities to focus on environmental practices.


Responsibilities and obligations of environmental monitoring will continue to grow in the future. By developing efficient means for monitoring, the state of environment will help companies carry out their obligations with less effort and at lower costs. Developing technology is the key to maintain and create a balance between economic growth and environmental conservation.

Geowise collaborates with companies to develop and utilize efficient tools to monitor the state of environment. A combination of remote sensing and geographical information systems is often used in order to understand existing environmental data in more detail. Our expertise benefits companies for whose business it is important to take care of the environmental matters.

New technology can help assess these issues efficiently. Geowise has a broad expertise covering traditional digital data processing, remote sensing and navigation techniques. The amount of data from earth observation is growing daily due to new satellites. This gives plenty of opportunities to explore the changes in the environment and state of the Earth.

When your company needs a skilled partner in environmental technology projects, or if you wish to monitor the environment more efficiently, please contact our specialist for more information

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