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Three new IAP Intended Tenders – Express your interest!

In 2016, new tenders for fully funded Feasibility Studies are planned for ESA’s Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP) Programme. The subjects are Waste ManagementBig Data Applications to boost Preparedness and Response to Migration, and  Integrated applications including in particular the Automatic Dependent Surveillance – Broadcast (ADS–B).

A 4th subject, “Space based services in support of CBRNe operations” has been approved in May 2016 and more information will be available soon.

IAP Feasibility Studies focus on assessing and developing the business case for applications and services based on integration of space assets with existing assets for targeted customers and market segments.  ESA IAP offers the opportunity to validate cases which are considered technically feasible and economically viable through an IAP Demonstration Project.

The tenders will be launched only after having received an adequate number of indications of interest from businesses and organisations residing in the ESA Member States which participate to this programme. Therefore, any business or organisation interested in the presented topics is invited to express their interest through the form on the bottom of following page.

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For more information about ESA IAP activities in Finland, contact Miranda Saarentaus

June 22, 2016

European Satellite Navigation Competition 2016

European Satellite Navigation Competition is the largest ideas contest that annually awards the best services, products, or business innovations using SATELLITE NAVIGATION IN EVERYDAY LIFE. The competition serves as a Europe-wide support mechanism for entrepreneurs, start-ups, SMEs, students, researchers, individuals that and all participants to get their business off the ground. The competition comprises the largest innovation network in satellite navigation with support from more than 130 key GNSS stakeholders and regional partners as well as the largest space-related incubation network. It has already awarded prizes to more than 270 winners over the years, which represent just a fraction of the nearly 3,500 innovative concepts submitted by over 10,000 total participants. Everyone with a brilliant idea is welcome to join and submit their entries from 1 April – 30 June 2016 at:


April 6, 2016


6th Annual ARTES Applications Workshop 28 – 29 April 2016 in Brussels, Belgium

Space Business Idea Challenge

New at this year’s ARTES Applications workshop is the ‘Space Business Idea Challenge’:
– Have you been thinking about a business opportunity, using space technology?
– Are you eager to discover if your business idea has the potential to succeed?
– Do you want to explore possible ways of using space technology in your business?

No matter how mature, send us your business idea by 14 April 2016.

The Space Business Idea Challenge is open for every entrepreneurial student, individual, team, company… from an ESA member state. Win private business coaching by an experienced entrepreneur, a cash prize and follow-up ESA support to make your idea happen!

More information on the Challenge, some examples and the application template can be found at

Registration is still open

Don’t forget to register for this year’s ARTES Applications workshop, taking place in Brussels on 28 to 29 April. The workshop will focus on SME’s and Start-ups and is jointly organised by ESA’s ARTES Applications department and the Belgian Science Policy Office Belspo. Interactive sessions and demonstration corners will address a wide range of today’s challenging topics and provide an insight into different business and funding opportunities.

Download the agenda and register online now:

March 14, 2016


5th User & Stakeholder RPAS Workshop (21 May 2015) presentations

On 21 May 2015, the 5th User & Stakeholder RPAS Workshop – jointly organised by ESA, EDA, EASA and EUROCONTROL – took place at ESTEC, in Noordwijk, the Netherlands.

The event was attended by some 140 participants, a fact which reflects the growing interest in applications using remotely piloted aircraft systems (RPAS) enabled by space services.

Representatives from diverse user communities (maritime, security, humanitarian aid, agriculture, etc.) as well as from industry, aviation, and regulatory bodies participated in the event. Civil protection and maritime monitoring were just two of the areas where speakers highlighted an impressive range of opportunities.

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The workshop presentations are published and can be overviewed or downloaded from the Dropbox


June 22, 2015

Space is open for business – seminar in helsinki 1st september

European Space Agency (ESA) promotes the use of space data by developing space-based applications, services and solutions. These ESA funded projects utilize integrated space assets like satellite navigation, communication and earth observation.

The seminar discusses new potential applications and business ideas. It serves as a networking platform to establish new contacts and build advanced consortiums. The programme focuses on three areas; industrial internet, location data and intelligent transport.

Date:     Tuesday 1st September 2015 at 13.00 – 17.00
Place:     Technology Industries’ auditorium, Eteläranta 10, 00130 Helsinki




More information:
Miranda Saarentaus, Geowise Oy, tel. +358 40 747 8822,

The seminar  will be in English.
Registration by 21 August 2015 to


Lift to Space: ARTES Applications workshop will be hosted within the Lift Conference (Lift15) in Geneva (Switzerland), on 4-5 February 2015

The main Lift15 conference will run from 4-6 February. “Lift to Space” will run in parallel, but only until 5 February. In order to maximise the impact of ESA’s activities on the Lift community, various touching points will be generated:

  • Highly interactive workshops, in which the ESA and Lift community can collaborate to generate new ideas
  • Masterclasses and plenary sessions, dedicated to the trends and needs of the ESA community
  • Investment Readiness Programme for startups and SMEs
  • Live demos of ARTES Applications projects, integrated in Lift’s exhibition area

More information, programme and registration >>


January 8, 2015

Space opportunities for the Marine Industry in the Arctic

A half-day seminar was organised at the Finnish Meteorological Institute (FMI) in Kumpula, Helsinki on November 25th. The seminar focused on what space data can offer today and in the near future for the Arctic Marine Industry. What are the solutions and benefits space data can provide, e.g. in route optimization and autonomous operations, and what are the funding possibilities.


The Finnish Marine Industries, the Arctic Society of Finland, the Finnish Funding Agency for Innovation – Tekes and European Space Agency (ESA) organised the event with assistance from Geowise Ltd. Approximately 90 persons attended the seminar comprising of representatives from marine industry, various institutions and private companies.

Merja Salmi-Lindgren from the Finnish Marine Industries welcomed the audience and functioned as chair for the seminar. Esko Aho, from the East Office of Finland, delivered an inspiring speech titled ‘Arctic growth’, where he emphasised the importance of global co-operation in a ‘Team Arctic-spirit’. The seminar also contained a presentation about the Arctic Society of Finland by Timo Suistio. Piia Moilanen from Tekes presented the Arctic Seas programme whereas Petteri Taalas and Eero Rinne from FMI held a presentation on Sea ice conditions and Sentinel-1 future opportunities. Amnon Ginati from ESA brought up the essence of space in the arctic with several showcases, while Andrée Cooligan from the Embassy of Canada, focused on the cooperation possibilities between Canada and Finland.

The latter part of the seminar was largely covered by company presentations. Tero Vauraste from Arctia Shipping, Henrik Hannus from Aker Solutions and Juhani Laukkanen from Furuno Finland gave interesting presentations on their activities in the Arctic region. Antti Kestilä from Aalto University made a thought-provoking presentation about ICEYE – a constellation of small satellites to provide real-time ice information for the Arctic Seas. The seminar concluded with Gunn-Britt Retter’s (Saami Council) speech on Arctic Indigenous Peoples involvement in the Arctic development.

The seminar was a success resulting in interesting discussions and potential business opportunities for the attendees. It is clear that the arctic region poses a lot of possibilities for various international actors, Finns included. The Arctic region is affected strongly by climate change and we need international cooperation – Team Arctic – to solve the challenging conditions with new technology solutions, services and applications.


“The Arctic region should, in my opinion, be considered a new frontier.” – Esko Aho, East Office of Finland



Downloads available:

Photoalbum from the seminar (PDF, 1 MB)

Speaker presentations (PDF, zipped, 32 MB)


November 28, 2014


Inmarsat Developer Conference, 20-22 January 2015, London UK

The first Inmarsat Developer Conference will be held in 20-22 January 2015 at Inmarsat conference centre in London. The event gathers a wide range of companies who are making applications that interact with satellites. Inmarsat will present their technologies that developers can build upon, and the event offers really amazing opportunities to network with the biggest players in the satellite industry.

November 18, 2014

Ever dreamed about defying gravity? Take your chance!

Take part to the “Down To Earth Idea Challenge” by submitting your idea, describing how space invention (technology, software, method or process) developed in your organization could generate benefit in non-space industry.

The European Space Agency and Tekes with assistance from Turku Science Park Ltd invite technical experts from the Finnish space community to submit their ideas between 27.10 – 14.11.2014.

Winner of this idea challenge will be rewarded personally with Zero-Gravity flight in year 2015.

Read more…

October 28, 2014

Space opportunities for the Marine Industry in the Arctic Seminar

Tuesday 25 November 2014 at 13.00 – 16.40
Finnish Meteorological Institute, Brainstorm auditorium, Erik Palménin aukio 1, Helsinki

The importance of the Arctic, both strategically and economically, is increasing for several reasons. The polar ice cap is melting, opening new shipping routes, exposing sustainable oil and gas deposits, and making marine and mineral resources more accessible. For all these reasons, human activity in the Arctic is expected to increase considerably.

Satellites – communication, navigation and earth observation – are already part of the day-to-day activities in the shipping industry. With the forthcoming of new satellites the data becomes more easily accessible, real-time or near-real-time, while communication becomes more reliable and navigation more precise.

The Finnish Marine Industries, the Arctic Society of Finland, Tekes and European Space Agency (ESA) are organising a seminar on what space data can offer today and in the near future for the Arctic marine industry. What are the solutions and benefits space data can provide, e.g. in route optimization and autonomous operations, and what are the funding possibilities.

The seminar also discusses Arctic economic potential and activities more broadly, for instance with focus on inter-state Arctic cooperation and indigenous involvement in the Arctic development.


Chair Merja Salmi-Lindgren, the Finnish Marine Industries
13:00    Welcoming words – Merja Salmi-Lindgren, the Finnish Marine Industries
13:05    The Arctic Society of Finland – Timo Suistio, the Arctic Society of Finland
13:10    Arctic growth – Esko Aho, East Office of Finland
13:30    Sea ice conditions & Sentinel-1 – Petteri Taalas & Eero Rinne, Finnish Meteorological Institute
13:55    Arctic Seas Programme – Piia Moilanen, Tekes
14:05    Space Applications Relevant to the Maritime and Arctic – Amnon Ginati, European Space Agency
14:30    Networking – coffee & tea
15:00    Canada-Finland Arctic cooperation – Andrée Cooligan, Embassy of Canada, Helsinki
15:20    User experience in the Arctic  – Tero Vauraste, Arctia Shipping
15:35    Offshore in the arctic – a designer perspective – Henrik Hannus,  Aker Solutions
15:55    Safe Navigation in the Arctic  – Juhani Laukkanen, Furuno Finland
16:10    ICEYE – real-time satellite data for the Arctic – Antti Kestilä, Aalto university
16:30    Arctic Indigenous Peoples involvement in the Arctic development – Gunn-Britt Retter, Saami Council
16:40     Closing words

Registration by 17 November 2014 at anni.salminen at


October 27, 2014

Invitation to Tender: ESA ARTES 20 – Space Applications in Support of Future Cities

Please note that the ESA Invitation To Tender 7974 has been issued.
Click on this link to access the Invitation To Tender on EMITS (Registration required).

It is expected that data and communication capabilities of satellites will play an ever more important role in applications that support the development and operation of Future Cities services. With this feasibility study the European Space Agency is looking for solutions integrating the capabilities of at least two space assets with terrestrial assets in order to provide services in support of Future Cities applications. The study shall focus on the pro-active development that introduce methodologies and services to measure, manage and improve the infrastructure and networks of existing cities through the inclusion and integration of space capabilities. The active participation of at least two future cities as well as the providers of the future applications will be required.
The closing date is 10.12.2014 and the price range 200-500 K EURO.

For more information please contact Miranda Saarentaus.


August 18, 2014

Innovative space-based solutions for Future Cities, July 8-9, 2014 Vienna

Under its ARTES 20 “Integrated Applications Promotion (IAP)” programme, the European Space Agency intends to issue an Invitation to Tender for a Feasibility Study validating solutions enabled by space assets addressing the challenges that  future cities face.

A Workshop ‘Innovative space-based solutions for Future Cities’ is organized in Vienna July 8-9. The aim is to collect interested parties in space solutions for future cities, and offer them an opportunity for partnering and networking, resulting in new consortium.

Download flyer (PDF) or read more from

June 23, 2014

ESA opportunities for the Finnish telecommunication industry

A half-day ARTES workshop was organised in Espoo, Finland on May 8th . The event focused on ARTES 3-4 and 5 programmes and was the first of its kind in Finland, bringing the Finnish telecommunication community together in order to explore and discuss the potentials for doing business with ESA. Read more

May 14, 2014

Upcoming Open data and crowdsourcing ITT

The European Space Agency, under its ARTES 20 Integrated Applications Promotions Programme, is challenging innovators to propose new customer-facing applications that combine two or more space assets to provide commercially sustainable services supported by Open Data and Crowdsourcing.

Flyer (PDF)

Read more:

May 9, 2014

ARTES Applications Workshop 2014

This two-day event held in Luxembourg on 29th and 30th April 2014, provided an opportunity unique in Europe, to meet, network and discuss with experts not only in space technology but also in service provision, applications development, investment, finance and business support services from across the European and Mediterranean regions, providing insights to space capabilities and to ways of stimulating and setting up space-based businesses and services.

More information:

Download the agenda, participants list and presentations from our Dropbox  (zip.-file, 81.07 MB)

May 9, 2014